Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer who lost a horse when it ran away. All the neighbors that evening said “That’s too bad.” He said, “we’ll see.” A few days later, the horse came back and brought seven wild horses with it. That evening, all the neighbors said “That’s great.” The farmer […]

• Preoccupation with the past is the study of echoes. Preoccupation with the future is the exercise of imagination. • Whatever is to come, let it come. Whatever is to leave, let it leave. To believe that this requires effort is an error. What effort must a towel make to absorb water? • Searching for […]

The sun represents soul, father, career, ego, and how we are perceived by others as we express outwardly in life. In astrology a strong placement of the sun will give qualities like Leo, the constellation that is ruled by the sun. These qualities include confidence, leadership, loyalty, wanting to do something great in life, strong […]

What is an emotion? When you say you feel ‘anxious’ or ‘peaceful’ or ‘fearful’ or ‘excited’, what is actually happening inside you? Take a moment right now, close your eyes and notice what you feel. Or, think of a situation in the past where you felt something, and determine what happened. [A few minutes later…] […]

It is interesting to go through life ‘thinking’ every minute of the day without paying attention to what is actually happening when you have a thought. In practices of dis-attachment one often hears the advice ‘observe your thoughts; thoughts are like clouds in the sky, you can’t grab them, just watch them go by.’ What […]

If you are new to yoga and looking to try it out, there are many choices. It’s important to understand that having ‘success’ with yoga means having the patience to find the right fit for you, because there is no such thing as ‘yoga is not for me’. There are many different styles of yoga […]

The ability of the moon to affect the ocean’s tide is an indication of the power held by this luminary of the sky. Thus is should not be a surprise that the moon can also have an effect on us humans since we are made up of 70+ % water. In ancient times the moon […]